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Redefining Luxury Image Credit: Surfaces Reporter
Redefining Luxury Image Credit: Surfaces Reporter

Redefining Luxury

With growing global exposure, how do customers perceive luxury?

What does luxury mean in today’s context? Is luxury still restricted to the elite? How are the consumers redefining luxury with the growing global exposure? This session at WADe Asia 2017 aimed to answer to some of these questions was chaired by award-winning communicator, author of the book ‘Decoding Luxe’, Mahul Brahma with esteem panelists Dr. Sheetal Jain, Founder, Luxe Analytics, celebrated Interior Designer Manjeet Bhullar, Anhad Bhullar, Brand Strategist at Manjeet Bullar Design, and Ar. Bobby Mukherji of Bobby Mukherji & Associates, Mumbai. SURFACES REPORTER presents some of the important arguments and comments from very interesting discussion. Please share you queries, comments at

Mahul sets the tone for the discussion with an extract from his book ‘Decoding Luxe’, on the grandeur and luxurious taste of the Maharajas. “20% of Rolls Royce’s global sale was from India in the 1920s. In 1926, the Maharaja of Patiala commissioned Cartier to remodel his crown jewels which included a 234 carat De Beers diamond, the result was a breathtaking Patiala Necklace weighing 962.25 carats with 2913 diamonds. In 1928, Maharaja of J&K placed orders for custom-made 30 trunks from a so called luggage maker called Loui

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