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In What Ways Oregano Or Marjoram Can Benefit Us?
In What Ways Oregano Or Marjoram Can Benefit Us?

In what ways can these common seasonings benefit us?

Both marjoram and oregano are very basic seasonings that we can find in practically every household. Nevertheless, these aromatic herbs have a much wider range of applications. You can find them in herbal teas or bath mixtures. Not only do their smell and taste caress the soul and chase away badspirits, but they come in just as handy in times of digestive troubles.

Oregano stimulates digestion and has a great calming effect.

Marjoram is for those who love strong aromas.

Oregano is not only a great seasoning for giving a boost to digestion, it is also suitable for the preparation of herbal teas for a good mood or fighting against colds.

A Wide Range of Uses

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