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Healthy Grilling Without (Almost) Any Meat

When we talk about grilling, we almost always mean meat. But that’s a great pity, because there are plenty other foods that taste simply awesome when grilled. Try something a little different this time.

Grilled Tofu

Ingredients: for two portions

1 Package of natural tofu

Mix for coating:

1 Tbsp. of maple syrup

1 Tbsp. of oil

½ Tbsp. smoked pepper

½ Tbsp. sweet pepper

½ Tbsp. garlic powder

½ Tbsp. ground cumin

½ Tbsp. oregano

Freshly ground pepper

Chili powder


BBQ sauce

Red onion


Mix the maple syrup with oil and all the seasonings into a paste. Halve the tofu sideways and halve these halves again. You will be left with four slices to be nicely covered in the paste, and let it marinate, ideally overnight. Then grill it from both sides and once it’s done, add some barbecue sauce and decorate with slices of red onion.

Hawaiian Grilled Packet

Ingredients: for two portions

1 Herb tofu

1 Red pepper

1 Spring onion

1 Large garlic clove

½ Zucchini

Soy sauce


BBQ sauce

Chili pepper

Olive oil

Preparation: Remove the pepper seeds, wash and peel the vegetables, and cube them into similarly-sized pieces. Add the cubed tofu, slices of garlic and onion rings. Add some soy and barbecue sauce. Place two layers of aluminum foil (for two portions) on a kitchen desk and divide the mix on it. Shape the foil into packets and squeeze them shut. Grill the packets for around fifteen minutes.

Grilled Pepper Boats with Blue Cheese Filling


Colorful baby peppers

3.5 oz. / 100 g. soft blue cheese

2 Tbsp. of white yogurt

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