Collaborative Commentary On Conserving Heritage Image Credit: Insite
Collaborative Commentary On Conserving Heritage Image Credit: Insite

Collaborative Commentary On Conserving Heritage

When the paradigm of conserving heritage with the attempt to acknowledge and realise the need to protect the heritage structures was expanding its theoretical foundations at the turn of the 21st century, Abha Narain Lambah Associates was instrumental in initializing and working in the field of heritage conservation leading by example. Our practice focuses on historic sites all over India ranging from 15th-century temples to colonial buildings, preparing management plans for ancient sites, UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Islamic monuments. – Abha Narain Lambah

The feature brings a vivid narrative by Kruti Garg, Aditi Khavnekar and Sanaeya Vandrewala ontheir burgeoning journey in the world of heritage conservation under the wings of Abha.

Kruti Garg

Cut to 2006, with two years of work experience in the field after having completed a Masters of Architectural Conservation from SPA in Delhi in 2004, I found myself at the door of Abha’s office on Carter Road, giving an interview to work with one of the most talked about conservation architect. An aspiration to work with her, turned out to be the most inspirational and rewarding ten years of my life, being part of Team ANLA where I grew from a young Conservation Architect to the Director, Conservation. I found myself, sometimes walking behind Abha, at times with her, occasionally stumbling and then up again, with her right behind me. I could not have asked for better support from Abha after my return to the office from my maternity leave, bringing my son to work every single day, pursuing my passion alongside the joys of motherhood.

From then on, working closely with many projects such as the Conservation of Prince of Wales Museum, restoration and interior upgradation of the Town Hall building, interior design and adaptive reuse projects, leasing life into old derelict structures, it has been a two-way journey of growing with each project and each project growing with you. This is the exact story of the Royal Opera House that has been one of the most challenging and intriguing projects of my career with ANLA. From site visits trying to make our way through broken staircases and largely inaccessible areas, w

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