The Best Weight-Loss Advice Ever
Women's Health South Africa|December 2018
The Best Weight-Loss Advice Ever

After 100 issues, we’d like to think we know fat-loss fact from fad – and the oldies are often the goodies. Here, we share the best pieces of lipid-torching wisdom backed by experts and road-tested by real women. Interested? Let’s go

Ditch Your Trigger Foods

It could be bags of Cheese Curls, home-made flapjacks or that extra spoonful (or seven) of mac ’n’ cheese; whatever your poison, it pays to park it. Particularly any food you have a tendency to overeat or eat mindlessly. Rearranging your fridge may sound way too simple to work, but nutritionist Karen Beck assures us it does: move the foods that you know fuel you and make you feel good to the most visible shelves and shift the unhealthy stuff towards the back. Oh, and while you’re there, clean up your kitchen. Research by Cornell University found that people who displayed junk food on the counter (like biscuits in a glass jar) weighed an average of 12kg(!) more than people who stored food away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Add Fibre + Fat

Like Kim and Kanye, Bey and Jay and Tom and Jerry – there’s a reason this power pair works. Fibre expands in your stomach and also takes time to digest, which means you feel fuller for longer, so focus food choices on fibre-packed whole grains, vegetables and whole fruits (not juiced). Healthy fats, like olive and nut oils – in moderation – boost flavour, add energy and help your body absorb nutrients. “In terms of carbohydrates, pulses, legumes and lentils are your best choice, but aim to include starchy carbs, like rice, potatoes and rye bread, in around six meals per week,” explains Miguel Toribio-Mateas, expert nutrition practitioner and clinical neuroscientist.


The magic number to aim for when it comes to protein

– which helps build muscle and fuel fat loss – if you’re a regular in the weights section. To hit the right amount, multiply your weight in kilos by 1.5 – eat at least that many grams per day, spread evenly over meals and snacks (like a fine peanut butter).

Buddy Up

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine compared solo dieters to teams of dieters. After 10 months, the latter were more likely to have maintained their loss (66 percent versus 24 percent).

Six Steps To Slim Down


To drop serious kilos, you need the onetwo punch of aerobic exercise plus strength training. “Regular resistance training can boost your basal metabolic rate by 15 percent, but it’s key to target multiple muscles,” says PT Nicola Addison. We’re talking squats, lunges, pull-ups and dead lifts.


If you’re eating out, check the menu in advance and you’re more likely to make a smart, considered choice when you order. “Opt for a vegetable-based starter,” says Toribio-Mateas. “You’ll be feeding your healthy gut microbes and filling up with fibre, meaning you’ll absorb fewer kilojoules from starch and fat as a result.”


Research says that placing yourself in the context of a wider ecosystem, simply by stepping outside, can improve body confidence and help you make healthier choices. It comes down to a human need to maintain your place in nature, which, over time, will lead to you feeling healthier and happier. Grab sunscreen and a hat.



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December 2018