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Good Life Happiness Career Relationships Image Credit: Women's Fitness
Good Life Happiness Career Relationships Image Credit: Women's Fitness

Live A Good Life

Find your purpose, learn to connect and be happy!

Sabrina Barr

What does it mean, to live a good life? Perhaps you think it translates to achieving your work ambitions, meeting the love of your life or being as healthy as humanly possible. The truth is, it’s all of these things put together.

To be truly happy, you need to find balance in all areas of your life, not just one. It won’t do to have a flourishing career, while you silently suffer in a broken relationship on the side. Your health, relationships and occupation need to coalesce. In his book How to Live a Good Life (£12.99, Hay House), Jonathan Fields has created the ‘Good Life Buckets’, three separate buckets for health (the Vitality Bucket), relationships (the Connection Bucket) and your potential (the Contribution Bucket).

The idea of the Good Life Buckets was conceived by Jonathan after decades of study and inspiration from a number of sources: teachers, Buddhist lamas, neuroscientists… the list goes on. How to Live a Good Life is the product of both science and spirituality, which is why it could definitely benefit even the most cynical of readers.

The fuller your buckets are, the better your life will be. If one bucket is empty, it will take its toll on the others. That’s why it’s key to ensure all three are full to the brim.

Your Vitality Bucket

Believe it or not, maintaining a good level of health is essential for living a good

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