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Make Your New Year's Resolution Stick
If it’s just weeks into 2020 and you’re already losing steam, there’s no need to lose hope. Instead, harness the powers of mindfulness to get your goals back on track, stat.
Amanda Altman

New Year’s resolutions are notorious for a single thing: not standing the test of time. I won’t bore you with the sad, sad statistics, but the number of people who manage to stay committed to their lofty January 1st goals is abysmal at best. What starts off as a well-intentioned resolution to start meditating or stop wasting so much time on your smartphone (ahem, Instagram), ends up biting the dust faster than you can say that mantra.

If you’ve made a resolution but find that your willpower is already waning, no worries! When you invoke the powers of mindfulness, you can do anything you set your mind out to—and now’s an ideal time to get started. “The new year can be a good catalyst for trying new things or dropping old habits,” says Bryan Aston, LMSW, the director of training at Mindful Psychotherapy Services in New York City. But January 15—or even February 15—is as good a time as New Year’s Day.

The key to accomplishing our 2020 goals, according to Aston, is to take a closer look at ourselves and the situations we regularly find yourself in. Cultivating that awareness allows us to see the bigger picture, which is the true key to creating real, lasting changes that have the power to impact our overall well-being.

Read on for our roadmap for reenergizing your resolution, whatever it may be. After all, there’s no time like the present.



As Pilates fans know—even ones who may not have been as devoted to their practices recently as they may have wished—regular movement offers no shortage of feel-good benefits, from upping your strength levels to boosting your energy and mood, so props to you for making the effort to commit.


Biting off more than you can chew. It’s tempting to want to jampack your workout schedule (running every morning and taking a mat class every evening) to reap the benefits as quickly as humanly possible. But going too hard, too fast, can backfire, especially if your goal is more external (e.g., to look better) as opposed to internal (e.g., to feel better and more confident).


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