Overcoming depression
Life Positive|August 2020
Overcoming depression
Currently, one finds that depression (and its disastrous effects) is on the rise. Suzy Singh lays out a path to beat this illness in six effective steps, enabling the sufferer to emerge a winner and help others in the same dilemma
Suzy Singh

Just like a violent hurricane lays bare what lies beneath the surface of a beautiful landscape, the current pandemic has brought to light the woes and worries that lie hidden in people’s minds. ‘Depression’ is a word knocking on every door today, and it doesn’t seek your permission to enter. It creeps in stealthily, through the windows of your eyes, that see so much negativity flashed across social media and news channels each day. It enters through your sad heart that lies broken because no one has bothered to check on you, ask how you are doing, or care enough to find out if you still exist. It eats away at your core, silently, as you continue to withdraw from the world, slowly surrendering your dreams, desires, sense of purpose, and the will to live.

Depression infests your mind like an invisible termite. It can go unnoticed for days and months, until it morphs into a dangerous werewolf that eats away at your insides, consuming your body and soul, and eloquently convincing you that you are a black swan who deserves to die. It claimed the life of Sushant Singh Rajput, like so many other talented and successful artistes before, including Jiah Khan, Silk Smitha, Nafisa Joseph, and Parveen Babi, who shone bright and briefly. They ended the game too quickly because they couldn’t bear to keep on living with the heartbreak, pain, loneliness, betrayal, and looming sense of failure.

The interesting thing about depression is that, like death, it is impartial to success. It looks at everyone equally. In its eyes, anyone who has forgotten to sing and dance, has lost faith in themselves, thinks they’ve failed miserably, is shattered by rejection, deception and heartbreak, feels disconnected from everything, and believes there is nothing more to live for is an easy prey. It lurks beneath dark emotions that we so desperately try to hold on to and hide, not realising that by repressing our difficult feelings, we are actually preparing a compost pit of dense emotions that will breed and nourish the deadly darkness within.

The symptoms

If you have recurring encounters with crying spells, panic attacks, feel vulnerable and unsafe, prefer shutting yourself away, have lost your appetite, lie awake in bed all night, and sleep through most of the day, or get upset and irritated over small things, it’s time for you to reach out to someone and bare your heart. It’s quite possible that while you were busy pretending to be strong, bearing the weight of your family, work, relationships, and life, depression entered in through the back door of your mind. If you don’t take timely action now to evict this dismal intruder at the earliest, chances are it will make permanent residence, taking charge of your body and soul soon enough.

Own your depression


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August 2020