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The Big Arms of the Law Image Credit: Iron Man Magazine
The Big Arms of the Law Image Credit: Iron Man Magazine

The Big Arms of the Law

NYPD’s Mike Counihan is out to inspire his fellow first responders to live a fitter life.

Mike Carlson


lifts weights all day long. As a member of the New York Police Department’s anti-terrorism task force, he carries an M4 assault rifle, a Glock 19, two different vests, a helmet, hazmat gear, and assorted tactical tools, to the tune of 50 extra pounds for a work shift that can extend to 12 hours and beyond. It’s hard to imagine shedding that weight after a long day on the streets, to go to a gym to pump iron for another 90 minutes. But for Counihan, who has been on the NYPD for nearly a decade, training is more than a passion; it is a duty and a calling.

For most of us, the sight of a badge and uniform generates instant respect. These are the men and women who risk their lives so that we may pursue our own happiness unmolested, enjoy our unalienable rights safely and securely. We feel a debt of gratitude to law enforcement. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way.

Patrolling the streets of New York City, and confronting possible felons, is a nonstop process of being sized up by potential predators. The image you present can be as important as what you are able to do. Sometimes, looking strong, confident, and capable can defuse a situation so you don’t have to prove it. And other times, looks aren&rsquo

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