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Peaches And Scream Image Credit: Iron Man Magazine
Peaches And Scream Image Credit: Iron Man Magazine

Peaches And Scream

Sweet fruit and hot spices make for a beautifully balanced protein shake.


Amanda Burrill, MS

The peaches make me feel like I’m in Georgia, but everything else with this smoothie brings me to a spicy region of the Indian subcontinent. Turmeric. Ginger. Cayenne. It’s a world party in your mouth. While the kick from ginger and cayenne is delightful, this month’s superfood highlight is turmeric. Try to find it fresh. It’s a rhizome, like ginger, but smaller, with a brownish skin and a bright (very bright) interior that will stain the bejesus out of your fingertips. I like to buy a bunch of the finger-sized chunks, and—with gloves on—I peel and slice them. Then I pop them into the freezer so I can toss them into my smoothies on demand. By the way, this is also my ginger tactic.

The fresh stuff isn’t always easy to find, but the dried and ground powder can be found at any grocery store. For a flavor so subtle and earthy, it adds a huge amount of color. Seriously, if you are a hippie tree-hugger type, use turmeric to color Easter eggs next year or dye your baby’s cloth nappies to camouflage the stains.

This smoothie recipe is a great way to pack even more beneficial ingredients into your already protein-laden recovery shake. We’ve got an assortment of superfoods—key players outlined below—a good amount of post-workout protein, and our taste buds are happy.

Oh, last thing. I find that if making this smoothie with kefir or Greek yogurt, it freezes into an amazeballs popsicle!

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