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Lead From TheFront Image Credit: Iron Man Magazine
Lead From TheFront Image Credit: Iron Man Magazine

Lead From The Front

When it comes to training, nutrition, and now supplements, Kris Gethin is always the first one through the door.

Mike Carlson

Late on a recent evening, Kris Gethin returned to his house in Boise, Idaho, from 12 straight hours of travel. His day consisted of hotels, shuttles, cars, planes, and airports. When Gethin finally arrived home close to midnight, he did something very few people in the fitness industry would do.

“I sat outside for an hour even though it was dark out,” he says. “I just sat in my garden underneath the stars to get fresh air into my system.”

No social media, no late-night workout, no well-deserved beer, no Netflix and chill. Fresh air and nature has become a health priority for Gethin. Last year, Gethin—who has created and quarterbacked dozens of physical transformations for tens of thousands of fitness enthusiasts—underwent a life-changing transformation of his own. Suffering under the dark cloud of depression and insomnia, he spent six weeks with Dr. Rick Sponaugle in Florida, who helped guide him through a complete lifestyle reboot.

“I am in a really good place now. I’ve been living a much healthier lifestyle. I don’t generally stay in air-conditioned units, I eat organically, I have my weekly colonic, and I detox a lot,” he says. “My body responds better now. It is easier to lose body fat, maintain muscle, and build muscle. A couple years ago I had a lot of niggling issues in my back, knees, and biceps tendons. I don’t have any of these aches and pains, and I am not training any lighter or easier. I am eating less, but I’m able to put on muscle because I’m assimilating my foods much better. And I’m able to lose fat because I believe my cortisol

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