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Above The Law Image Credit: Iron Man Magazine
Above The Law Image Credit: Iron Man Magazine

Above The Law

Sheena Jayne Martin, a forMer lawyer, iS new Zealand’S MoSt prolific Bikini pro.

Mike Carlson


After suffering a disappointing placement at the 2016 Mr. Olympia, the New Zealand native and Orlando Pro champion knew she couldn’t end her competitive season on a sour note. So she began a whirlwind international tour in search of redemption.

First stop was the Korea Grand Prix, where she paced fifth. Better, but unsatisfactory. She spent four weeks following the advice of the judges and brought her muscular lower body down through daily fasted leg training, fasted cardio, and cutting calories. A show in Russia was a wash, thanks to the mind-boggling idiosyncrasies of international judging. A competition in Florida netted her fifth place. In December, she took second at the San Marino Pro in Italy and returned to New Zealand feeling redeemed, albeit still hungry.

Some might consider her rampage drastic. She traveled the globe and dropped 10 pounds in her quest for competitive satisfaction. Martin, though, is not one to take the middle road in any venue. A former lawyer, she left the soulless legal profession to train clients and achieve something she couldn’t in her law practice: Make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Playing it safe is not her strong suit.

“There is a famous quote by Nicole Wilkins,” Martin says. “It goes something like, ‘Some people say I am obsessed. Well, yes, I am obsessed. If I wasn’t, I wouldn&

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