Strep Throat & Homeopathy
Homeopathy & You|December 2018
Strep Throat & Homeopathy

Strep throat is amenable to homeopathic treatment. Although the diagnosis might cause some anxiety, especially for the parent of a child who has come down with it, prompt homeopathic attention along with adjunctive measures, such as dietary modifications and nutritional supplements, is the most appropriate way of successfully handling the problem without the side-effects of antibiotics.

Dr Julian Jonas

A patient I’ve worked with for a number of years reported that he had gum surgery, because there was no alternative to repair the erosion of the gum line in his mouth. I suggested that even though it was after the fact, before submitting to the knife he might have considered a relatively simple, more cost-effective and much less invasive treatment with co-enzyme Q10. I also mentioned that evening after the surgery, it might be a good idea to nourish the gum tissues with the CoQ10 [The supplement does wonders for the gums, amongst other things]. On hearing my suggestion, he immediately felt regret for not having explored other options before compliantly going along with the standard treatment. Somewhat contritely, he told me, “Why didn’t I think of talking to you?” I couldn’t give him a good answer except to say that in my experience people often compartmentalise their health issues in the same way that modern medicine is compartmentalised.

That is what is modelled by most healthcare professionals, and that is what they are used to. Little thought is given to the possibility that a complaint, say the poor state of one’s gums, is due to inadequate oxygenation of the tissues and, that, by addressing the underlying deficiency, not only will the gums benefit, but the entire body will.

In this case, the gums and heart originate from the same embryological tissue and there is a correlation between the health of one with the other. It is also the case that while CoQ10 oxygenates all cells throughout the body; it has a special affinity for both the gums and heart tissue. So, by being good to the gums, the heart and the rest of the body will derive great benefit.

Educating people to develop a broader perspective in regard to their health is an on-going challenge. All too often, as in the above example, the situation is presented after the fact and it can become difficult to not become a little over-emphatic about discussing other options ‘next time around.’

Probably the most common arena where this type of issue arises relates to the use of antibiotics. The concept that in an infection where bacteria are involved a cure can only come about by killing them off is deeply imbedded in the belief system of most conventional medical professionals as well as the average layperson. It can be a stretch for a person to feel confident that anything short of a toxic ‘against life’ drug will do the job.



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December 2018