Homeopathy For Health & Happiness
Homeopathy & You|January 2019
Homeopathy For Health & Happiness

Homeopathy restores imbalances whether at the mental, emotional, or physical levels — naturally. This leads to a greater sense of well-being and improved functioning and, in turn, a better work environment and co-operation, not to speak of better relationships and a more happy and healthy family.

Dr Manfred Mueller

Around age two-and-a-half, my youngest daughter began to make the unsolicited remark, “I am happy.” She has since proclaimed this almost daily — before breakfast in the morning, or in the middle of the afternoon, or sometimes before bedtime. She is one of those rare children [in America] who has never needed any medical treatment [in the conventional sense] in her life. My oldest daughter who is twenty-five has never needed an antibiotic, pain killer, or any other conventional medication. They are lucky to have been born into a homeopathic family.

Homeopathic treatment affects the whole person. Families treated with homeopathy seem to get sick less often.

Homeopathy can certainly treat acute illnesses, such as cold and flus, however it also can eliminate the chronic disposition to becoming sick. This is done by treating the ‘constitution.’ Homeopathy has even been shown in studies to prevent disease.

For example, when a ‘virus’ goes around and many of the kids in school get sick, we can use a homeopathic ‘preventive’ remedy, either a generic, such as Oscillococcinum, or Influenzinum, or a ‘specific’ that matches the symptoms of the disease going around. Even after the first symptoms develop, homeopathy has been shown in clinical practice and scientific studies to prevent the progression of a cold, flu, headache, stomach ‘bug,’ and even more serious contagious diseases.

Many chronic disorders are unheard of in homeopathically treated families for this reason. For example, childhood earaches can be prevented and/or reversed by constitutional treatment. Additionally, the typical chronic childhood ailments can be avoided or prevented: diaper rash, itching and peeling rashes, strep throats, wheezing, hay fever/allergies/asthma, lack of concentration, rebelliousness, obstinacy, lack of/or disordered appetite, delayed development and excessive restlessness. In addition to treatment, with a little guidance, you can avoid many of the things that can trigger some of these disorders. By preventing these ailments, children tend to thrive and grow up happy, realising their true potential.


Once, a four-year-old girl was brought to my practice. She was screaming with pain and had brownish pus running from her ear. She had been diagnosed with her first ear infection at two weeks of age. She had been treated with multiple antibiotics, had three surgeries for insertion of three separate sets of ear tubes, and had her adenoids removed for the second time after they had grown back. Yet, the ear infections returned at least once a month in spite of all the medical attention. She also had some developmental delays attributed to a mild form of cerebral palsy.

Four weeks after the first consultation, when she returned to my office, she was smiling. She had not had an ear infection and even her verbal skills seemed had improved. Over the next eight weeks no more ear infections developed, so treatment was discontinued. Several years later her mother brought her back because she still was wetting the bed. At that point the mother confirmed that the girl never had another ear infection again. This was confirmed again by her father five years after the original treatment when he was contacted and invited to present the case to a class of medical school students.



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January 2019