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Workout Fitness Exercise Yoga Image Credit: Fit & Well
Workout Fitness Exercise Yoga Image Credit: Fit & Well

The Wide-Awake Workout!

Feel full of energy within minutes with just a few easy moves

Natalia Lubomirski

Dread the alarm going off first thing? We know it’s hard to unwrap yourself from your duvet at this time of year. ‘Your body has been still for seven to nine hours, so it’s no surprise you feel groggy and your joints and muscles are stiff,’ says Kira Mahal, CEO of MotivatePT (

But give Kira’s five-minute yoga routine a go and you’ll feel invigorated first thing.

‘This routine will wake up your body and mind. As you start to move, your blood will pump around your body, increasing oxygen levels to your brain, making you feel alert,’ explains Kira. ‘It will also warm up your synovial fluid’ – that’s what helps your joints move smoothly – ‘and by stretching each muscle, you’ll help relieve tension and maintain flexibility,’ she adds.

Your good morning yoga routine


Stand feet hip-width apart. Inhale, fold forward and place hands on each elbow. Rotate upper body right, open chest so elbow is pointing towards the sky. Once you reach the top, continue in clockwise motion, keeping chest open. Repeat three times.


Exhale, bend forward at hips and lengthen torso. Keep knees straight and place palms on backs of ankles, or cross arms, and hold your elbows. Let gravity pull you down and breathe. Hold for 30-60 seconds.

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