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Fitness Breathing Stress Tension Image Credit: Fit & Well
Fitness Breathing Stress Tension Image Credit: Fit & Well

Revive Yourself With These Breath-Easy Tips!

Exhausted and lacking funds after the festivities? It’s time to go back to basics with your breathing in 2018

Faye M Smith

While it might sound a bit bonkers, learning to breathe more deeply could really benefit your health – for free!

‘My Chinese master told me that in the West we don’t breathe, we pant,’ says Taoist monk and meditation teacher David James Lees ( ‘Shallow breath is symptomatic of the excessive stimulation in our culture, which encourages an, out-of-control mind and physical tension.’ If you need to boost your energy first thing or switch off after a hard day, here are the best exercises for you. ‘With daily practice, these will become an enjoyable and rewarding habit. Over time, they’ll have cumulative benefits for the mind and body.’


‘This focuses on what Taoist masters call “the natural breath”, which babies do but as adults we often forget,’ says David.

1 Breathe slowly and rhythmically. Move your attention away from your thoughts and observe only your breath.

2 As you focus, your breathing becomes steadier. Now encourage it to extend all the way down to your diaphragm.

3 With each exhalation, visualise breathing out unwanted thoughts. With each inhalation, imagine breathing in fresh energy.

4 Let this ripple from your head to your fingertips and toes. Notic

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