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Abs Workout Fitness Exercise Image Credit: Fit & Well
Abs Workout Fitness Exercise Image Credit: Fit & Well

30 Days To Your Best Abs Ever!

Get a flatter tum fast with our best ever fat-melting, ab-toning workout

Natalia Lubomirski

Overindulged at Christmas? That’s OK, we all deserve a treat now and then. But if you’re ready to give your bulging belly the boot, then we have the ultimate plan for you. Amy Tarr, founder of Giant Leap Training ( has combined the best fat-burning and tum-toning exercises to get you top-crop ready abs. ‘These exercises include some cheeky cardio, which burns the fat on top of the muscles, so you can see all your good work!’ explains Amy. ‘They target your deep core, waist, and upper and lower abs, to zap those mince pies and whittle away that mulled wine. Plus, they’ll improve your core stability, which is key for developing a flat stomach.’ And, don’t worry, there’s not a stomach crunch in sight…


‘There can be a temptation to rush through sets without properly engaging your core muscles,’ explains Amy. ‘Keep it slow and steady to ensure your abdominals are worked properly and your back is protected.’

Standing torso rotations

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and clasp your hands behind your head, or you can rest a broom on your shoulders and wrap your arms over it. Tense your abs and keep them tense while you swing to the right. Hold the position for three seconds, before swinging to the left.

Lying knee tucks


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