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Refuelling The Refuller
1/144 Su-24M Fencer D


Armory Models of Ukraine are fast making a great name for themselves with new and interesting kits so when they asked us to use several of them to create a scene, I jumped at the chance. For this little vignette I used the new Su24M Fencer D (AR14702), three sets of their new PAG-14 ‘Soviet Modern Concrete Slabs’ set (AR14705) and three of their airfield truck kits; AT3-4-131/ATZ-4-131 Refeulling Tanker (AR14803), AK3C-75M/AKZS-75M Oxygen Truck (AR14805), and B3-20350/VZ-20-350 Air Tanker (AR14804) which are all based on the same basic sprues of a ZIL-131 chassis.

The Build

I started with the star of the show; the Su-24M. The build starts with choosing your wings; extended or swept. After looking at photos of Su-24s parked on various aprons and seeing wings both swept and extended on parked aircraft, I went with the most common; extended. Once you have chosen your wings you sandwich them between the upper and lower central fuselage. The wings fit well, but the top and bottom of the fuselage didn’t quite line up. To solve this, I set one side and let it cure, then lined up the other side and it pretty much set right with just a little fettling required on the joint.

The cockpit is next and for such a small scale, it is very nicely detailed. Controls and instruments are provided in a mix of relief and decals, and although I don’t usually like decals for cockpits, they work well in this case. Items were painted as I went. The seats did not quite fit, trim a little off the inside to get a good fit. There are no belts in the kit, either moulded on or decals, so I painted them on which worked well enough. When all that was done, I attached the top and bottom halves of the fuselage section around the cockpit. Try as I might, I could not get them to fit properly. I clamped the top and bottom with reverse-grip tweezers and added some poly cement and left them to cure. Once they had I sanded the step in the joint back, filled it where necessary, and re-scribed the detail. The fit problem, of course, transferred to the fit of the nose cone and the fit of the whole section to the main fuselage. But nothing filling and sanding couldn’t fix.

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November 2019