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Dambusters Lancaster Big Build: Part 1.
The Editor Tackles the Hong Kong Models 1/32 Lancaster.

The Dambusters need no introduction, so I won't go into the history of OperationChastise and its genesis here. Suffice to say it is an iconic episode in aviation history, and the history of WW2, and thanks to the 1955 film, it is far more widely known than many other events of the war in the British consciousness, and beyond.

Therefore, it was no surprise when Hong Kong Models announced an Lancaster B Mk. I in 2018 after a couple of years of eager anticipation, that a B Mk.III Type 464 (Provisioning) boxing would follow, and earlier this year, it arrived.

Please note: I am not an expert on Lancasters, and although I have collected as much reference as I could, it is sometimes contradictory. I would urge others following this series of articles to cross reference with their own research when building. That being said, I will do the best I can to make this model as accurate as I can within my knowledge and ability.

The Build Components

For this build, I will be using: the Hong Kong Models Dambusters kit (01E011), HGW Models laser-cut RAF (Late) seatbelts (HGW132503), Airscale Lancaster Instrument Panel (actually for a B Mk.I but the panel is the same) (PE32LANC), Eduard Lancaster Radiators (32436), Barracuda Studios Radios (BR32411) and Smooth Tyre Main Wheels (32409).

The Build

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November 2019