Christmas And Soul - Centered Gifts For The Signs
Dell Horoscope|December 2017
Christmas And Soul - Centered Gifts For The Signs
The search for self—the process of individuation—is not a fad. Certainly, there are processes, weekend intensives, and specialized spiritual products and programs that come and go. We could say that there are a number of outer forms for the search for self that are indeed trendy, glamorous, and faddish, but that is the nature of all forms of social popularity in general. The essential search for the key to the expansion of consciousness and the resultant transformations in our attitudes and lifestyles are certainly not faddish. There is a Path, and that Path is the Goal; our job is getting There, and I assure you that there is a “There” to get to.


Alan Oken

The symbolism of Christmas relative to astrology and the tradition of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings is both profound and beautiful. The birth in a manger is in astrological language “0° Cancer.” It stands for the foundation, cornerstone, and anchor of your personality, which, in time and through the process of the continued expansion of your consciousness via your spiritual Journey through life, will come to realize itself as the Christ/Initiate at 0° Capricorn. We all begin this journey in exactly the same way—we are all born! But relatively very few of us in any one generation are able “to take the initiation” (make the spiritual progress) that leads us to understand and recognize that the Christ (Krishna to our billion Hindu brothers and sisters) lives within us, no matter what our religion or ethnicity, for the Christ as a Principle of Consciousness belongs not to one faith, but to all faiths.

As many of my readers know, I am especially interested in languages and the origins of words, especially in relationship to the spiritual life, as these verbal links show how much we are all part of the One Human Family. Let us look therefore at the word manger in this respect. In English, manger means “a structure used to store feed for animals.” It is actually the same word as in the French manger, which means simply “to eat.” The origin of this same French-to-English verb to eat is found in Latin as “manducare” (English mandible, the jaw allowing us to chew), but we can go back in time even further to the Biblical Hebrew word mon, which means “a portion of food.” In Hindi and in the Hindu religion, the word mannat means both a “wish” and a “vow,” as well as an offering that one makes in the temple (which is often one of food, as in “food for the gods”). We see the continuance of the concept of “Divine Food” in the Catholic tradition of serving the “Body of God” via the Host (holy wafer/bread) during Mass. Interestingly enough, the word manna is also a question meaning, “What is it?” for when this “heavenly food” fell to Earth, the Israelites did not at first know what it was and asked “Manna?” or “What is this (food)?” I present all of this to you as a way of relating that the “manna from heaven” as stated in the Bible is intimately connected in intent and meaning to the “manger” and thus to the Birth of Christ.

And as for the word “Bethlehem,” this is pure Hebrew, as beth means “house” and le chem means “the bread.” Thus, Bethlehem is the “House of Bread.” This may all be summed up in a quote from Deuteronomy 8:3, which says, “He humbled you, causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna…to teach you that man does not live on bread alone….”

In addition to the Bible, I have also been studying the ephemeris for 2018 in order to get some indications of the potential gifts that the heavens hold for each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Our ancient science of astrology may be defined by four words: “As above, so below,” so here then are my interpretations of twelve (there are many more!) astrological Christmas presents for this coming year.

Aries and Aries Rising: Mars, ruling planet of the Celestial Ram, has a rather lengthy stay in Aquarius in 2018. He makes his ingress on May 15 and his exit on November 15 (but during that time returns to 28Ëš-29Ëš Capricorn from August 12 to September 10). Mars likes Aquarius because he can upset a few norms while in this “revolutionary” sign. As the god of war, Mars enjoys himself whenever he can make some noise! We should also keep in mind that Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is exalted in Mars-ruled Scorpio.

The Present: If you are “making some noise” and raising a ruckus relative to a humanitarian cause in which you believe, then benefits will be yours. This is because the individual ego (symbolized by Mars as ruler of Aries) is acting on the behalf of others, scoring many positive “karmic brownie points.”

Taurus and Taurus Rising: Venus/ Aphrodite, your ruling planetary goddess, moves through the sign of the Celestial Bull from March 30 to April 24. She will be very happy to be domiciled in her own place of zodiacal residence, and chances are so will you. Venus in Taurus is incredibly magnetic, so what is it that you wish to draw to yourself? Is it a new car or new karma? Is it an increase in the quality of your possessions or the incorporation of more love/consciousness (they are the same) into your personality?


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December 2017