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Making A Design Team
Making A Design Team

How to Narrow Down Who is the Right Vendor for You

Angela Proffitt

Working with people of different personality types is part of any job; in fact, it’s a part of everyday life. One of the most humbling aspects of the wedding industry is that clients hire my team and me based on our experience and expertise to find the perfect vendor team. It is definitely one of the most meticulous pieces of the puzzle when building trust with our clients. Putting together a fantastic go-to vendor team is something that has been 15+ years in the making. I have gone through a lot of challenging experiences to seek out the best of the best, who all have the same goal in mind: make the client happy by living their passion.

All of those learning opportunities have definitely made me better at choosing a team for clients. Narrowing down the right vendor is the same process for each client, as we have a strategy in place. That does not mean that each client doesn’t choose a different vendor, as they’re not one size fits all. Matching the client’s personality and expectations with the vendor is key for us as the liaison. In my experience, I’ve learned it is pertinent that all vendors we work with encompass at least these four characteristics:


My primary role as a planner and designer is to create a customized experience for each client, based on psychology and their personality as a couple. Yes, it needs to be unforgettable and stress-free, but there is a communication strategy we sell. Having vendors on board with a desire to develop new ideas is key. A willing attitude and openness to trying different concepts makes the process so much more enjoyable. Striving for a team environment is always the goal at heart.

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