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Workout Sadness Exercise Anxiety Image Credit: The Lifestyle journalist
Workout Sadness Exercise Anxiety Image Credit: The Lifestyle journalist

Try These Workouts To Boost Mood

Emotions can be taxing on our system! There comes a time in everyone’s life when emotional upheaval is experienced. Juggling with sadness, happiness, worries, anxiety one must know how to get rid of these through physical exercise. Here is a list of physical activities that you can perform when you feel certain emotions…

Hyperactive or have energy to spare: Try Zumba

If you are one of those who always remain high on energy (like actor Ranveer Singh!) then Zumba is for you. Put this extra energy into something good. You can join a zumba class to start zumbing!

Feeling Sad: Try dancing

Next time you are feeling blue, turn the volume up and just dance. When you are sad you do not feel dancing…yes that is true! But that is exactly why you should do it. Music certainly lightens your mood and helps to combat feelings of depression and sadness.

Worried: Do Yoga

Are you worried about something in your life? Try yoga! A holistic way to feel amazingly positive and meditative, that’s yoga for you. “Yoga is a great mind body exercise that brings you into the present moment,” says a noted yoga trainer. Yoga calms your mind and makes you peaceful from within. If you cannot join a yoga class, there are excellent yoga videos available on YouTube. International yoga day protocol video by the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, Ministry of AYUSH, yoga videos by the Art of Living foundation, Patanjali Yogpeeth videos are all handy and excellent for beginners as well as advance level yoga lovers.

Feeling stuck: Go for running

When you are trying hard but cannot come up with creative ideas, running is the ‘ultimate’ thing to do. Stop whate

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