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The FIXER Image Credit: Marie Claire - US
The FIXER Image Credit: Marie Claire - US


Uber owes much of its rapid growth and global success to Austin Geidt. Meet the 30-something who wrote the company’s expansion playbook

Carmel DeAmicis

Uber’s secret weapon is a woman you’ve probably never heard of. Officially, Austin Geidt is head of operations for the company’s Advanced Technologies Group. Unofficially, she’s Uber’s hustler in chief and—most notably—queen of launch. She’s the one largely responsible for the company’s light-speed expansion around the world. The ride-hailing app’s meteoric rise is all Geidt has known as a working adult; it’s the only place she’s held a salaried job. Geidt, now 31, was the company’s fourth hire (it currently has 9,000 employees), joining long before “to Uber” became a verb. In the years since, Uber has raised a jaw-dropping $18 billion, valuing the company at an estimated $65 billion—arguably more than auto legends General Motors or Ford. “I thought it was big when we raised a million dollars,” Geidt recalls. “The definition of big keeps changing.” The two have matured in tandem, and Geidt’s story represents not only Uber’s past, but also where it’s headed. It’s tough to keep up with her whiplash-inducing trajectory. Shortly after Geidt graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2010, she cold pitched Uber’s then-CEO, Ryan Graves, with a self-made v

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