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Skeptical Of Crystal Healing? Read This

Do you hear what the rocks are saying?

Trina Epilepsia Boutain

It was 3 AM when my angelic infant suddenly yelled and started crying helplessly in her sleep. While I tried to calm her down, I noticed her eyes were shut tight, yet her wailing was relentless. When I finally took her in my arms, I heard a rustling in the old large mango tree right outside our room, as though something had alighted. With my sleep deprived brain, I thought, what a large bird. Immediately my daughter’s eyes flew open and her crying stopped. It wasn’t until later, while I was nursing her back to sleep, that I thought: “Was that what I dare not think it is? No, of course not.”

“I’m still giving you this,” a friend of mine said a few days later when I told her my strange story. She handed me two small pieces of black tourmaline. “Put one on the left side of your bed. It’s for protection.” The other piece, I was told, I was to wear in my left bra cup, and it would help protect from negative energy. I wasn’t sure if I believed in mythological creatures outside of the province, but I kept the crystal as instructed and the only winged creatures I’ve heard since were cooing birds. As for the other crystal, I dutifully wore it to public speaking engagements and high-stakes meetings and found myself oddly calm and impervious to the stress surrounding me. Now, I could have just done that on my own, but I kept bringing the crystal with me, just as a reminder to keep calm and carry on.

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September 2018