Sarah Jessica Parker Image Credit: InStyle
Sarah Jessica Parker Image Credit: InStyle

Sarah Jessica Parker

In a career spanning more than 35 years, SARAH JESSICA PARKER has gone from everygirl to everywoman. The Divorce star talks to Laura Brown about her career, her family, and kicking up her heels.

Laura Brown

No modern woman can define herself with a single word, especially in Hollywood. (Every actress has, at the very least, one TV pilot she’s written in her back pocket.) Take Sarah Jessica Parker: She’s a pop culture heroine, a style icon, a shoe designer, a fragrance creator, a mother of three, and the creative force behind her own fiction imprint, soon to come from Hogarth Press. Now 51, Parker opens up about her evolving celebrity, her curiosity about what’s next, and why she lives by the mantra emblazoned on her favorite sweatshirt: Je ne regrette rien.

LAURA BROWN: I’ve seen you wear the Je ne regrette rien sweatshirt before. Where is it from?

SARAH JESSICA PARKER: I’ve had this forever. I wear it constantly, inside out or face front. Somebody sent it to me. I don’t even know who. I just like it. It’s been washed a lot and has a nice fit. There’s a diaper pin that’s been on it for years. It goes in the machine like that. I’m sure it was from James Wilkie [her son, now 14]. He didn’t wear cloth diapers, but I’m sure it was his.

LB: What influenced your style when you were younger?

SJP: Probably street imagery and girls on the subway more than anything. I was like, “How can I do that? How can I afford to do that? What’s my version of that?” Honestly, thrift stores played such a huge part in my life before Sex and the City. And, of course, my mom was the biggest influence. She had pretty firm ideas about how we should dress.

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