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Christmas Party Winter Celebration Image Credit: Glittering India
Christmas Party Winter Celebration Image Credit: Glittering India

How To Protect Yourself From A Cold Christmas Winter Night

Christmas is the day of celebration and merrymaking.

Sayak Karmakar

There is the smell of joy in the air everywhere. Children are in playing mood whereas adults are in partying mood. However during the eve of Christmas, winters generally settle in and temperatures are at low level. Thus there is also the chilling sense of cold outside. Therefore in a Christmas night, while partying or roaming around with friends or near and dear ones, one has to take some precautionary steps so that one does not get ill from the bitter cold environment.

The first thing one should do to be safe from the wintry cold of Christmas is to dress properly, which in other words means to dress in layers. Always keep the head covered. According to statistics nearly 45 percent of body heart gets lost if the head of a person is not properly covered. When a person is exposed to the cold, it is also advised to the person to wear dry and loose fitting clothes as wet clothes tends to take the heat from the body. If the person is in a party mood, wear clothing made of polypropylene, which will soak up perspiration away from the skin and keep the body dry.

Dressing yourself in layers will also keep your head and feet warm. Woollen clothes are always preferable. Covering the body also goes with covering the feet. When it comes to feet, shoes should not be expensive but they should be waterproof, especially if someone is planning on hiking through snow. It is very important to use the insulation techniques. Again the best way of insulation is to wear multiple layers of clothes. But if you still feel the cold, it is advisable to wrap newspapers within the layers of clothes which will allow proper insulation and heating process.

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