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Vacation Holiday Fun Adventure Outing Image Credit: Girls' Life magazine
Vacation Holiday Fun Adventure Outing Image Credit: Girls' Life magazine

Prevent Your Dream Vacation From Becoming A Nightmare

Stuck sharing a bed with your sis (who kicks like she’s on dancing with the stars)? Over getting dragged to 10 civil war battlefields? Deal with potential trip-ups now... And guarantee a fab time later.

Mandy Forr


TRIP TRAUMA: Because getting there truly is half the battle (if not more)…

VACAY VICTORY Be prepared. And we’re not just talking about triple-checking that you have your headphones in your purse. Make sure you can keep everyone else occupied, too. Gift your older sister a goody bag with all her favorite snacks (she’s known to get a tad, shall we say, hangry). Put together an amazing playlist that will keep your brother jamming to himself for hours. Download a couple new games for your little cousin (and even let her borrow your iPad). With a little prep, everyone will be busy—not bugging you.


Sharing a cramped room can, well, cramp your style. Especially when you know little ones will be bouncing on your bed ready to play. At 6 a.m.

Get the lay of the land in advance. Maybe there will be enough space that you and your close-in-age cousins can reserve an out-of-the-way room. But if you’re going to be sleeping this close to several somebodies, pack light and bring your sense of humor. Knowing that tight spaces and overcrowded bathrooms are your reality will help squash any potential quarrels or bad vibes.


Your parents just sprung the vacay agenda on you. It’s a packed schedule of blah.

Mom’s all about museums and Dad sp

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