La Luz Interior DeArnaldo Anaya Lucca Image Credit: FV MAGAZINE
La Luz Interior DeArnaldo Anaya Lucca Image Credit: FV MAGAZINE

La Luz Interior De Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca

Endeavoring to reminisce about the authentic art of photography composition, photographer Arnaldo Anaya Lucca possesses a distinctive signature of sophistication and sovereignty. His uniqueness originates from his Puerto Rican ‘luz interior’ and natural ‘joie de vivre’.

Sandra Benbaruk

The creation of an image requires exceptional factors and chemistry between its collaborators. In quest of elevating photography to an intimate experience merging the most exquisite location, talents and luxurious brands, one light must travel the memory of our heart as pure emotion stark separated from the control logic.

Arnaldo’s images cultivate a souvenir of British Royalty superbly bonding refinement and elegance filling minds and souls with anything else. By fortuitous circumstances or destiny our paths crossed again, years went by since my student/internship position and here we are superbly achieving the expression of an ephemeral moment, now framed in eternity.

SB - You are originally from Puerto Rico, worked and lived in DC, what made you decide to go and stay in New york?

AA - I lived in DC for one year right after college. I was fired from my first job there as an accountant for the IRS Credit Union, which was a small bank for IRS employers. My boss called me in and told me she was doing me a huge favor, firing me since she knew that I had another calling: Fashion! She was right and I still thank her every day.

SB - Did you start your career as a photographer by instinct, or this is something that gradually grew into you?

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