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Workout Exercise Fitness HIIT Image Credit: ELLE Singapore
Workout Exercise Fitness HIIT Image Credit: ELLE Singapore

HIIT The Big​​​​​​​ Time

The new high intensity workout isn’t just faster and tougher, it also keeps you more motivated about staying fit.

Tan Min Yan

About 45 minutes into my class at the new HIIT-focused gym Orangetheory, I realise I’ve really been slacking through my years of self-prescribed HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine.

I’d breezed through the first half hour in the strength training zone, powering through a mix of strength and core exercises like squats and presses, bent over dumbbell reverse fly, and pendulum legs – moves I incorporate into my own workouts. I even upped the weight of my dumbbells beyond that recommended for women for some of the moves. I was feeling a little cocky.

Then came the cardio zone. “OK guys, it’s time to increase your pace to ‘all out’!” bellows the cheerful instructor as a whole row of us huffed and puffed away on the treadmills.

In Orangetheory terms, this requires you to up the treadmill speed until you’re sprinting as hard as you can. Not wanting to fall off the treadmill (and because I hate running), I’d increased it by just 1km/hour. With still 15 more minutes to go, I’m completely winded from having alternated between running at an easy pace and sprinting (or at least, my version of it), and rowing hundreds of metres on the WaterRower. I’m ready to tap out. Why did I ever think I was fit?!


HIIT classes and HIIT-focused gyms have become common in Singapore. A guilty pleasure among hyper-competitive

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