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Ear Piercing Style Beauty Make Up Image Credit: Cosmopolitan UK
Ear Piercing Style Beauty Make Up Image Credit: Cosmopolitan UK

Which Hole Do You Want?

News that strategic ear piercing can contour your face better than even the fiercest pair of brows has sparked a nationwide lobe obsession. But how do yours measure up?

Cassie Powney

Remember that moment you realised the beautifying effects of a well-curated pair of brows? When, suddenly, with a bit of clever tweezing and some subtle filling-in you could instantly transform the shape of your face. Well, we’ve got some good news for you. There’s now an even quicker way to achieve the same objective: getting a strategically placed earring. “The sparkle of a diamond earring immediately catches attention,” explains beauty guru Nichola Joss, who has collaborated with Shen London jewellers to create her own earring collection and piercing service. “Sparkle along the ear, parallel to the highest point of the wearer’s cheekbones, immediately draws the eye up and outwards, making them appear more lifted.” But before you go there, here’s some ear basics to get to grips with.


 Firstly, let’s start with the basics: dirty ears.

“The skin in our ears is the same as the skin on our nose,” explains dermatologist Dr Ross Perry. “It’s slightly greasier than the rest of the face in order to protect the inner ear, but this can also cause pore blockages and create spots or blackheads.”

We say cleanse the skin inside your ears every day, making sure you don’t stick anything too far down the ear canal. “I use Dermol 500 Lotion [available at all good pharmacies], which is a fantastic moisturising cl

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