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She makes the little balls with extreme care, as if for a sphericity contest, and then she puts each one next to the other. This order, which she must disturb to fry them, gives her a strange sense of peace.
Bel Olid

She chops the parsley, very fine. The parsley must be finely chopped. If not, the boy will say he doesn’t want meatballs, but meatballs are Paco’s favorite. She chops the parsley very fine, and then the garlic, smaller than the eye can see, invisible garlic so the boy won’t see and say they’ve got garlic, which is what Paco likes most in a meatball. With her hands in the minced meat, half-pork half-beef, she mixes like she did when she had time, when she mixed clay to make vases, plates, and ashtrays. She mixes, adding salt and a bit of pepper, just enough for Paco but not the boy to notice, and egg, and bread crumbs.

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Winter 2020