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Dan Dare Returns Image Credit: Starburst Magazine
Dan Dare Returns Image Credit: Starburst Magazine

Dan Dare Returns!

As the legendary comic strip prepares to make the leap to big finish audio drama, we find out what we can expect...

Tony Jones

Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future first appeared in the Eagle comic from 1950 to 1967, and was dramatised on Radio Luxembourg from 1951 up to 1956. It’s been relaunched at various times in comic strip form and from December 2016 is available once more on audio thanks to B7 Media and Big Finish. The first release is three one-disc stories featuring test pilot Dan Dare (Ed Stoppard), Digby (Geoff McGivern), and Professor Peabody (Heida Reed) as they explore the solar system and fight the evil Mekon (Raad Rawi). Big Finish’s own Nick Briggs has a part as well, as an alien named Garlok.

STARBURST caught up with those involved to find out why now is the time for Dan Dare to return. Producer/director Andrew Mark Sewell was the first port of call:

“I was introduced to Eagle by my late father; it first appeared in a time of austerity when the nation needed a new type of hero. Amidst today’s global turmoil we are once more in need of a heroic figure. The beliefs, values, and hope Dan Dare represents are just as relevant today.”

These sentiments were echoed by all those involved in pre-production, including script editor Colin Brake and lead writers Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle.

The stories have been modernised to avoid the new series just being a museum piece. At hand was comics historian John Freeman, whose job was to make sure they didn’t throw the Mekon out with the bath wate

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