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Bright Sparks Image Credit: Starburst Magazine
Bright Sparks Image Credit: Starburst Magazine

Bright Sparks

Writer Jason Arnopp is no stranger to genre fiction.

Nick Spacek

Having written novels in both the Friday the 13th and Doctor Who franchises, Arnopp knows the horrific and the strange. However, the epistolary novel he released last year, The Last Days of Jack Sparks, is what really brought the author to the forefront of horror writing. Taking elements of Arnopp’s experience as a rock journalist, melded with a terrifying concept – that the titular Jack Sparks is dead, and this is both a book about the supernatural he was writing, as well as the story of his passing – The Last Days of Jack Sparks is alternately incredibly funny, shockingly scary, and surprisingly touching.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise to discover that just this March, the book was optioned for film by none other than Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment. Howard told us, “Jack Sparks is a tremendously fascinating, entertaining, and entirely contemporary movie character. His journey into the supernatural and his clashes with those forces and with himself are hilarious, disturbing, exciting and surprising as hell. I couldn’t put the book down, and I believe it will be a blast for audiences to experience the movie version.

We spoke with Arnopp about The Last Days of Jack Sparks, its many layers, and the excitement of a possible screen adaptation.

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