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Dead Squad Image Credit: SCREAM: The Horror Magazine
Dead Squad Image Credit: SCREAM: The Horror Magazine

Dead Squad


SCREAM’s Jessy Williams caught-up with first-time film director Dominik Hauser to talk about his creature feature/zombie flick Dead Squad.

His debut is a bold one as Dominik decided to head to the jungle of Bali, rather than shoot his undead tale in the United States of America. We are promised beautiful scenes and gorgeous sets, as well as a humanistic tale to rival the soap opera antics of The Walking Dead. Channelling his love for horror, monsters and practical effects, Dominik Hauser has crafted a sure to-be gory and gruesome feature that will please fans of Re-Animator and The Thing.

Read on to discover Dominik’s intentions to breathe life into the zombie genre and present an international cast of characters from all around the world. He also explains why he took his Dead Squad to the scorching heat of Bali and hints at the intriguing promise of a death you’ll never have seen in film (or real life, hopefully) before.

SCREAM: What is Dead Squad about?

DH: I’d call it a creature feature, but it’s also a zombie feature. But, that may give you the wrong impression of what the movie is like. It is about a group of young adults who go on a river rafting trip, but get lost in the jungle. They have to trek through the jungle and they come across these old abandoned ruins. They go inside and find a door that leads underground where they find something they weren’t pl

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