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Casey Neistat - YouTube's Favorite Vlogger
Casey Neistat - YouTube's Favorite Vlogger

For the YouTube genius who snowboarded through Times Square, life in New York hasn't always been a viral joyride.

Sean Manning


I grew up in southeastern Connecticut, two and a half hours from New York City. I always romanticized New York and obsessed about it in a way I now reserve for the look on my baby daughter’s face. My parents would take my siblings and me into the city maybe once or twice a year, but if I had to trace my fascination with New York to one thing it was the Tom Hanks movie Big. I had it on VHS and would play it on repeat. Here was this kid who miraculously turned into an adult but had the brain of a child, and by maintaining his youthful spirit he was able to succeed in this gigantic playground that was New York City. Playing piano with his feet got him a promotion. To me, that movie was fucking gospel.

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May 2016