Dating Relationship Love Romance Image Credit: Femina
Dating Relationship Love Romance Image Credit: Femina

How To Convert Your Dates Into a Relationship!

Wondering why your dates never materialise into relationships? Break out of these vicious cycles and have better luck the next time, says Anindita Ghosh.

Anindita Ghosh

I never have a hard time getting dates. In fact, I am one of those girls who almost always have romantic plans on a Saturday night. The problem, however, is that most of these meet-ups never materialise into a relationship,” says Sanchaita Sinha, a 25-year-old content writer. Finding someone to love and not just date— that’s not easy at all and often takes many failed attempts. But don’t worry. You can improve your chances by working on your courtship technique. Both men and women make some common mistakes that get in the way of happiness, or you know, a second date. Avoid these ones and Cupid might just aim his bow at you next.

Hit, miss

Do you have a clear idea about the kind of guy you want to settle down and live the rest of your life with? Dr Gitanjali Sharma, Delhi-based family and marriage counsellor of DGS Counselling Solutions, suggests you give this some thought. “Write down 10 traits you want in a man and highlight the five that you are non-negotiable and you are not willing to compromise on,” says Sharma. This will help you identify the points that may be too exacting. For instance, if money or good looks or social savviness is high on your priority list, you need to think whether you should replace them with empathy, kindness, a caring nature or sensitivity. In other words, traits may hold you in better stead in the long run. “If you have impossible expectations, it will be evide

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