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SHENSEEA: The Jiggle Jiggle And Loodi Queen
SHENSEEA: The Jiggle Jiggle And Loodi Queen

“A Shenseea!” is what you hear at the beginning of every track, introducing the newest artiste to the Dancehall/ Reggae community.

However, please don’t believe for a minute that Shenseea can be placed into a single category. This multifaceted, multitalented young Queen is out to break through all boundaries to show the world that good music is all encompassing and boundless. But who is Shenseea? Shenseea, as she is affectionately named, was born Chinsea Lee at Mandeville Hospital in the parish of St. Elizabeth.

This was her break out debut, because from the moment she could walk and talk, Chinsea was on the verge of being a star. At about the age of three, Chinsea moved to Kingston, ultimately leading her on the path to stardom. While Chinsea’s ambition is to be an international artiste, she was focused on learning the business from inside out. So she applied herself to her studies, graduating from Mona High School to move on to Exed Community College where she majored in Entertainment Management. Though, due to some financial hardships not too uncommon to the Kingston area, Chinsea was unable to finish her studies. Some individuals would see this as a setback and give up on their dreams to make ends meet. For Chinsea, it wasn’t that easy, as she had even more reason to keep going, her beautiful son Raj.

As a single mother, Chinsea knew she had to keep going to give him everything so he never wanted for nothing. It was during this time that she was introduced to Romeich Major, the entertainment and promotion juggernaut on the Kingston area.

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February/March 2017