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Donald Trump Image Credit: Diversity Rules Magazine
Donald Trump Image Credit: Diversity Rules Magazine

Log Cabin Republicans Traitors To The Cause

When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, I knew from the minute he took office that we were in for a very rough ride. Little did I know then, nor did anyone else for that matter, how rough the ride would actually be. Donald Trump has proven to be one of the most, if not the most, toxic Presidents this nation has ever had the displeasure to experience.

Jim Koury, Editor/Publisher

Trump’s election to the highest office in the land has also unleashed a wave of hateful rhetoric that has produced tragic results in terms of the atrocities committed against immigrants, and those groups who are not white, or who do not fit into the alt-right’s vision of what an American should be. That vision, unfortunately, does not include people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and others who do not stack up to the perceptions of white privileged America.

Specific to LGBTQ Americans, we experience a steady, daily drumbeat of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and policies that degrade LGBTQ Americans to the second-class status once again. We endure constant harassment from religious and other bigots and homophobes who take issue with two people of the same sex loving each other, raising children, and having the life that straight Americans have and taken for granted for so long. When our own take a stand against the advancement of LGBTQ rights, it is doubly painful, and hurtful. It is like Judas betraying Jesus, or Brutus stabbing Ceaser to death. It is unforgivable, quite inexcusable and most reprehensible.

The Log Cabin Republicans are our Judas, our Brutus. With their endorsement of Donald Trump’s reelection, they have become enemies of the LGBTQ community and are not considered to be “friends” or even allies. This despicable group must be aggressively fought and repelled, just like the vilest of the religious bigots and homophobes that wish t

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