Dragon Responsive Email Designer Image Credit: Mac|Life
Dragon Responsive Email Designer Image Credit: Mac|Life

Dragon Responsive Email Designer

An email marketing tool for hobbyists and pros alike.

Gary Marshall

Tough testing, trusted ratings

$24.99 Manufacturer Aidaluu, Requirements OS X 10.9 or later

Dragon responsive email Designer

1 Very easy to use

2 Extensive formatting options

3 Default fonts aren’t very clear

4 Could do with more templates great

Last month we reviewed Equinux’s Mail Designer Pro ($89.99), an email marketing tool designed for people who’d rather leave the design to others. This month we have Dragon Responsive Email Designer, which is a more affordable option, and as happy working for HTML experts as it is for beginners.

The app is template based, with a good selection of different designs and a blank template for when you know exactly what you want to achieve. They look a little sparse in the preview, but they’re designed as skeletons rather than finished designs. It would be nice to have a few more to choose from, though. Once you’ve chosen your design, you’ll then see what looks very much like a desktop publishing system, with all the different elements in their own little frames. The inspector panel on the right-hand side gives you access to a library of elements you can add by dragging and dropping, object size and properties, and the layers that your design consists of – so, for example, you might have text on top of a button on top of an image insi

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