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It's Only My Opinion
It's Only My Opinion
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Carolyn Hinsey

What has happened to our soaps? Lately it’s just been a bunch of people talking! Oh no, wait — those were the impeachment hearings.

I found it curious that the networks decided the hearings were important enough to pre-empt their daytime lineups but not so important that they should replace any of their prime-time shows. It’s okay to miss seven straight days of GH but not one episode of THE BACHELOR? n Thank the soap gods for NBC, which gave us our daily dose of shockers through its sister network COZI, online, and on their app so we could see the flashbacks that used Mother’s Day as a jumping-off point to initially spread love and then kill people. Justin (to Sonny): “Your mother and I couldn’t be more proud of you and Will.”

Cut to Will running Sonny’s mother off the road with a pregnant Sarah — or so we thought. The scenes tied together perfectly: Paramedic JJ arrived on the scene to treat his aunt Adrienne, who crashed because of her sonin-law, Will, but really it was because of her husband’s Aunt Maggie, who was discovered drunk nearby by Xander, who called Victor to cover for Maggie while Xander went and found Sarah who was in labor. Whew!

Sarah: “All you have to do is catch the baby.”

Elsewhere, Kristen was also screaming bloody murder during labor at the hospital.

Kristen: “These contractions are like being hit by a car!”

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February 24, 2020