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Soap Opera Digest|October 19, 2020
Be Our Guest
Y&R’s Joshua Morrow (Nick) And Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) Talked About All Things “Phick” As Guests On Digest’s Podcast, Dishing With Digest.

Soap Opera Digest: What was your first day back on Y&R [like] after production had shut down for a few months?

Joshua Morrow: It was really weird because our studio is, like, this really lighthearted, nurturing, fun environment, you know, everybody’s together, and they’re hugging and laughing. Then we came back and it’s isolation. We’re really not supposed to leave our dressing rooms ever, there’s no more communal areas to, like, hang out and catch up or run lines. It’s just a different vibe, but it’s almost, like, sterile. The hallways are really quiet and spooky, it’s weird, man, but we’re so appreciative to come back to work, but it’s just a different environment, one that I’m not super-fond of yet. Everybody’s being super-careful because we’re really trying to be really committed to making this work and it requires a great deal of effort on so many people’s parts, and so far, our show has been doing a really good job of it.

Michelle Stafford: Yeah, they really have, I commend them. They worked really hard prior to us coming back, right? Everybody is very careful and it’s great to be back. I don’t know if I brought this up, but I’m a very odd and inappropriate crier. I can get information that someone passed and be totally numb and not cry at a funeral but I can be at a party somewhere and someone says something and I fall apart and I can’t control it. It’s a very odd thing about me now in my older years. And I’m not a pretty crier, like I’m a crazy-ass, projectile, ugly-face crier now, you know. That said, I felt very emotional about coming back. I felt like — okay, I have to contain my tears right now because I’m inappropriately crying.

Morrow: What a crybaby.

Stafford: But it’s just been an emotionally, very difficult time in the world with everything that’s gone on.... As we know, it’s a been a very, very intense time and you just can’t skate through that as a human being, this affects us all. So, when we were doing the promos that we were coming back, I couldn’t stop crying because it gives so many people joy, and I feel emotional about that. I’m weird.

Morrow: I shed nary a tear, not one. Digest: Did the two of you stay in touch during the shutdown?

Morrow: Yeah, we texted quite a bit. Um, Stafford is a homey, we stay in touch a lot.

Stafford: I’m one of the lucky few that Josh decided to communicate with.

Morrow: Oh, yeah I’m like the Unabomber, like hidden away and working on my, uh, you know, my manifesto. No, we would talk a lot and just kind of share stories about what our kids were doing in this crazy time.

Stafford: Oh, my God, I sent Josh a shot of us coming into Pepe’s Roadhouse and Phyllis is wearing that wedding thing, it wasn’t really a gown, wedding dress, with her [pregnancy] belly and a cowboy jacket and a cowboy hat and I’m looking, like, so jovial ... no disrespect to cowboys, and I took a screenshot and sent it to Josh and I wrote under it, “No.” [Laughs.] Morrow: We had a lot of fun with that story, man. If you remember, I, like, saved a church or something. Stafford: Yeah, a burning building.


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October 19, 2020