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Why Is Pippa So Petrified Image Credit: Look Magazine
Why Is Pippa So Petrified Image Credit: Look Magazine

Why Is Pippa So Petrified?

First she got flak for ‘banning Meghan’; now Pips is worried she’ll be overshadowed. Yup, the wedding of 2017 is ON!

Lucy Devine

We were all a teeny bit shocked when Pippa Middleton reportedly ‘banned’ Meghan Markle from her wedding. But if anyone knows about upstaging the bride, it’s P-Mids: in 2011, her perky derrière was all anyone could talk about at her sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William. But now it seems Pippa, 33, has reshuffled the seating plan and invited Megs to both the reception and the ceremony.

‘Meghan is definitely going to the wedding as Harry’s partner, and it’s a major milestone in their relationship,’ says an impeccably placed source. ‘You would not believe the amount of discussion that preceded this, but ultimately Harry made the decision. Pippa was understandably nervous about it.’

Pippa’s wedding is set to take place on 20 May at St Mark’s Church in Englefield, Berkshire, followed by a reception at her parents’ home.

As well as finalising the guestlist, it seems Pips has also been upping her fitness game. The bride-to-be looked toned in a sleeveless midi dress as she and fiancé James Matthews, 41, made their way to the ParaSnowBall last week.

‘She’s used to prepping for events and has always been in great shape,’ says celebrity PT Matt Roberts, who’s worked with Pippa.

But despite the mounting excitement, Meghan and Harry remain the centre of attention. ‘They’re totally loved up. Everyone wants to know if and when ano

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