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The VictoriaBacklash Image Credit: Look Magazine
The VictoriaBacklash Image Credit: Look Magazine

The Victoria Backlash

Her company losses were made public and she’s sent the lawyers in to stop the Spice Girls reunion… Suddenly Victoria’s not so popular any more

Giselle WainRight

The new year isn’t shaping up to be quite the one Victoria Beckham wanted…While our New Year’s resolutions have long since waned, Victoria Beckham might be considering a bit of a change in strategy for February. A do-over, if you will. January 2017 has ended up being quite a busy month for the designer – however, instead of the usual pre-Fashion Week chaos of missing samples and last-minute meetings, Victoria’s experiencing drama of another kind.

Following the public revelations that her company had to be ‘bailed out’ by her husband David’s to prevent a loss of ‘millions’, it was revealed that Victoria, 42, has been speaking to lawyers about the Spice Girls reunion – something that’s left fans of the band feeling a tad bitter. ‘Posh would not be missed’ is just one comment from several online.

‘Victoria’s a bag of nerves at the moment,’ says a source close to the star. ‘There have been a lot of tears. She’s just trying to protect herself, but the fans can’t seem to see that.’

The Spice Girls were set to re-form later this year for a series of gigs, under the acronym GEM (Geri, Emma, Mel B) after Mel C also declined to join them. Geri Horner subsequently announced her pregnancy and revealed she would no longer be part of it – but it was Victoria who was labelled a ‘bitch’ by Mel B in a TV interview. The group

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