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The New Fitness Class War Image Credit: Look Magazine
The New Fitness Class War Image Credit: Look Magazine

The New (Fitness) Class War

Expensive memberships, invite-only classes and selfies in the gym… When did working out become so exclusive.

Lucy Devine

Let’s be honest: in the dark depths of winter, we think just getting to the gym is an achievement. After all, if we had our way, we’d be hibernating right now.

Whether it’s leaving the house while it’s still dark out or having braved the ridiculous cold (and snow!), we feel pretty chuffed when we drag ourselves out of bed for a workout. That is until a post-session Instagram trawl, when seeing endless gym selfies and ab pics makes us feel, well, a little empty.

Turn to social media post-exercise and the inevitable workout shame ensues. Sunday mornings are made for fitness Instagram posts: a sea of fresh faces, Sweaty Betty leggings, poached eggs and Barry’s Bootcamp hashtags – and, if you’re really unfortunate, an Instagram story confirming our worst fears: nope, it’s not just good angles; they really do look like that. Abs and legs everywhere. We’re pretty sure being collapsed on the sofa in Primark pyjamas just wouldn’t have the same effect.

Over the last few years, fitness related posts on social media have snowballed. Despite them being rated as the most annoying type of update (followed by those who post photos of every meal), it seems we’re addicted to showcasing how we’re working out, where we’re doing it and what we’re doing it in. It’s easy to see why. With certain brands an

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