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Terrified CherylLeave Me Alone Image Credit: Look Magazine
Terrified CherylLeave Me Alone Image Credit: Look Magazine

Terrified Cheryl: ‘Leave Me Alone!'

The star’s said to be reeling after a nasty new wave of vicious online attacks…

Lucy Devine

It’s been a long nine months, but we can finally hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

But despite Cheryl and Liam’s baby news, a close pal has revealed that Cheryl is growing increasingly protective over her new family’s safety after a series of new tweets and comments from mean trolls.

We’re not surprised. Comments such as ‘If you disappeared, no one would care,’ and ‘go die in a whole [sic]… are you blackmailing Liam?’ have appeared on Cheryl’s Instagram pics recently, leaving her ‘terrified’.

It comes only a year after the singer went through a similar situation following her and Liam’s big relationship reveal. When the pair went public, Cheryl was hit with insults such as ‘repulsive w***e’ from protective Directioners who also told her to ‘f**k off ’.

In an appearance on The One Show in November, Cheryl spoke about being trolled online, citing these experiences as the reason she’s now a Childline ambassador.

‘There was a period of time where I was going through really hard personal stuff,’ the singer said. ‘The scrutiny, the lies, all the stuff on social media. That’s how I can relate to the kids because I’ve experienced the judgment, the bullying.’

But the new comments are said to have hit the star hard as they directly attack her as a mum.

One Instagram user went so far as to say: &l

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