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Michlele Image Credit: Look Magazine
Michlele Image Credit: Look Magazine


With a new ITV drama under her belt, MK reveals all about balancing career goals, love and life in the public eye…

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This is set to be Michelle Keegan’s year. With a career on the verge of going stratospheric, we have an inkling that MK’s about to own it – big time.

Michelle is currently working her magic on the small screen, with ITV’s new three-part drama series Tina And Bobby (Friday, 9pm). Joined by Lorne MacFadyen (The Level, Grantchester) the duo play the original ‘golden couple’.

When England won the World Cup in July 1966, Bobby Moore became a national hero. Swept up by the media frenzy and the country’s adoration, he and wife Tina became celebrity royalty and ITV’s bound-to-be-a-hit show charts the couple’s rise from humble childhood sweethearts to the dizzy heights of super stardom. There’s certainly a similarity to Mich’s own very public relationship with husband of two years Mark Wright.

Excitement for the show has been at fever pitch – no pun intended – ever since Michelle was spotted filming, complete with blonde hair, last year. So is the 29-year-old feeling the pressure now the show’s on air?

How much did you know about Tina and Bobby Moore before you took on the role?

Mark’s a West Ham supporter and knew a lot about both of them! He gave me the lowdown. Being from Essex, Mark told me what Bobby meant to people there – how he was regarded as one of the greatest defenders and what he meant to football. To

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