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Eva Ryan Is This Proof Theyve Split Image Credit: Look Magazine
Eva Ryan Is This Proof Theyve Split Image Credit: Look Magazine

Eva & Ryan: Is This Proof They've Split?

Following Eva’s absence from the Oscars, everyone’s talking about the golden couple… including us

Lucy Devine

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have always kept their relationship under the radar. After meeting on The Place Beyond The Pines, the pair have remained tight-lipped about their romance – and the family that followed. So when rumours emerged that Eva,42, would be attending the Oscars with Ryan last week, we were excited. But then Ryan attended with his sister Mandi instead and it sent warning signals through the Look office. Mandi was also her brother’s date for the 2007 Academy Awards, when he was in a relationship with Rachel McAdams. Just a few months later, it was revealed the pair had broken up.

The ‘sib-split’ is a common Hollywood phenomenon. Remember Emma Stone’s date for the 2015 Oscars was her brother Spencer? Shortly after, it was revealed she’d broken up with Andrew Garfield. So is it over for Ryan and Eva? We’re told that Eva was supposed to appear with Ryan, but had a change of heart. ‘Ryan really wanted her to come,’ a pal tells Look. ‘But she backed out on the morning of the show.’

Eva was also a no-show at January’s Golden Globes and, according to our sources, the time they’re spending apart is having an effect on their relationship. ‘They’re both intensely private people,’ says our insider. ‘But things have been pretty strained recently. Ryan’s been away promoting La La Land and that’s difficult when Eva’s the o

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