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Confessions Of A Wedding Planner Image Credit: Look Magazine
Confessions Of A Wedding Planner Image Credit: Look Magazine

Confessions Of A Wedding Planner

Heather Angell, 34, owns Your Planning Angel.co.uk. Here she tells us what really goes into making the perfect day...

I fell into wedding planning accidentally. Events were part of my job, so I started to become the person my friends would come to when their venue pulled out or their caterer fell through. When I went on maternity leave, I suddenly realised that I could navigate these minefields for them.

About 80 per cent of the couples come to me via a recommendation, but they don’t always know what they need. Some want help with just the reception; some come to me with suppliers or a venue already and I work with that. If I don’t click with a client, I won’t plan their wedding. We’ll be working together closely so we have to get on.

My average costs are 10 per cent of your budget, so a budget lower than £30,000 means a planner isn’t cost effective. It also means my annual salary is varied. Planners can earn upwards of £25,000 per annum dependent on the number of weddings they work on.

People think a wedding planner is a ridiculous expense but actually, I can help you save money. I have an innate knowledge of the industry and I know who to work with for what. I also help negotiate better prices and I can tell you where you need to spend and where you don’t. Brides can often fixate on the wrong thing. For example, they buy lots of decorations too soon or rush into booking a venue without reading the small print and then get upset when they can’t bring in their own food or furniture. I can stop all that. Then I can hel

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