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Cheryl I M Done Image Credit: Look Magazine
Cheryl I M Done Image Credit: Look Magazine

Cheryl: 'I' M Done!'

Cheryl’s home alone, but Liam’s out partying. Time to ask: what’s really going on?

We can’t help but think that Cheryl’s grand plans for 2017 aren’t shaping up in exactly the way she’d hoped. Following a tumultuous year in terms of romance (one divorce from Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, one new relationship with One Direction’s Liam Payne – and one extended separation as he jetted overseas), the 33-year-old has said before that she wants to start afresh. But actually, despite that, it’s the end of January and not much has changed: her boyfriend is back in Los Angeles and he’s been out partying. Not only that, but in a dramatic turn of events last week he was caught in a shoot-out, something that terrified his girlfriend Chez. Sources have told us that she hopes he’ll now curb his partying ways.

‘Cheryl’s been finding it tough to stay home while Liam’s been away,’ says a source. ‘She wants him to be back with her, not out all the time.’

While Cheryl – who’s currently sporting a very large bump despite not commenting on the pregnancy rumours – obviously understands the industry side of things and wants to see him succeed, friends say that, like anyone in her position, she just wants to see him more. While Liam wasn’t directly involved in last week’s dramatic shooting between a clubgoer and security outside The Peppermint Club, he was forced to wait inside the club for half an hour while police turned up – and it’

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