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Are You A SpecialSnowflake Image Credit: Look Magazine
Are You A SpecialSnowflake Image Credit: Look Magazine

Are You A Special Snowflake?

As if millennials needed another issue to deal with, right?

Lucy DevineĀ 

Somewhere in between the two political earthquakes of 2016 (otherwise known as Brexit and Trump) evolved yet another nickname for us millennials: snowflakes – a cohort of fragile Generation Ys,mollycoddled by helicopter parenting, lacking in resilience and unable to handle the world.

With 86 per cent of millennials currently exhibiting signs of a quarter-life crisis, it’s not hard to spot a snowflake. We’re the ones with, on average, almost £3,000 of outstanding debt – and that’s before you consider mortgages (most of us won’t be able to afford one until we’re at least 30, by which time we’ll have spent £53,000 on rent) and student loans (which two-thirds of us will never be able to pay off).

The millennial misery continues. We earn 20 per cent less than baby boomers did at our age and a quarter of us will run out of money each month. We’re known as the ‘social media generation’, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Last Christmas, millennials were twice as likely as the elderly to spend the festive period alone. What’s more, after the ‘revenge porn’ law – which criminalised the activity of sharing private sexually explicit images or video without the subject’s consent – came into force in April 2015, 1,160 people came forward in the following eight months, the majority of whom were aged between 20 and 29.

So sh

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